Divinity Allegory

The Calgary-based crew should most certainly be watched. Firstly, Divinity have already amassed enough buzz to entice Tue Madsen (who sat behind the knobs for bands like Dark Tranquillity and Aborted) to mix and master their full-length debut, Allegory. Tue’s touches give this album a pristine sound, especially for a debut. The band are just as impressive, coming across like a thrash crossover project that sounds akin to newer releases from Exodus or Slayer. Pace-wise, some parts are definitely reminiscent of the latter, less industrial years of Strapping Young Lad. Time signature changes and variations in styles from vocalist Sean Jenkins both result in an experience that induces some great head bobbing for the listener. The one drawback that emerges is the smattering of clean vocals thrown, which adds nothing to the ensemble besides a longing to get back to the heavier stuff (similar to fellow Canadians Threat Signal). Hopefully, some of Tue Madsen’s former employers will catch wind of these Western Canadians and bring them on a big tour; they’d surely drop a few jaws with an offering such as this. (Divinity Metal)