The Dismemberment Plan's Travis Morrison Launches Online Platform for Bands

The Dismemberment Plan's Travis Morrison Launches Online Platform for Bands
These days, there are no shortages of platforms that bands can use to establish an online presence, including Facebook, Twitter, Bandpage and Bandcamp, just to name a few. Now, the Dismemberment Plan's Travis Morrison is looking to enter the fray with a new startup, Shoutabl, which aims to be the definitive service for band's looking to create a website.

The indie rock frontman co-founded Shoutabl with colleague Travis Donovan, and the pair are collaborating a number of developers, some of whom they met while previously working at The Huffington Post.

The aim is to allow bands to easily create their own websites and aggregate content from various social media hubs in order to bring together show listings, music, videos and news updates. The ultimate goal is to give bands a means to sell their products while also functioning as a social media site that ties together networks of bands and collaborators.

Shoutabl's website summarizes the service like this: "It is an easy way to set up a website; it is a social network that connects artists to each other and their fans; and it is a commerce platform."

Morrison told Billboard, "We aspire to be the social network that can depict the Venn diagram of collective creation," indicating bands would be able to share updates from other artists on their own Shoutabl page.

The service is currently in beta mode; learn more over at Shoutabl's website.

Meanwhile, the Dismemberment Plan will release their comeback album Uncanney Valley on October 15 through Partisan.