The Dismemberment Plan Announce 'Live in Japan 2011'

The Dismemberment Plan Announce 'Live in Japan 2011'
Earlier this year, Washington, DC quirk rockers the Dismemberment Plan got back together for a string of dates, their first since a brief spell in 2007, in support of the recent re-release of their classic 1999 set, Emergency & I. While the band had been celebrated over the years for their high-energy sets, the trip was reasonably short and didn't hit much more than a few major metropolises. If you missed out on the gigs, the Dismemberment Plan have something in store for you in a new live album.

Recorded at Tokyo's Shibuya O-nest last February, Live in Japan 2011 is a sprawling effort collecting nearly two dozen cuts of tightly coiled, dancey post-punk jams from all over the group's career. The record comes out June 1 on Japanese imprint Bad News Records and you can check the tracklisting below.

If you're willing to take a road trip, the band have performances lined up at the Roots Picnic in Philadelphia on June 4 and at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago July 16. Otherwise, maybe just pick up the live disc. Despite it being an import, you're going to save huge on those travel costs.

Live in Japan 2011:

1. "Spider in the Snow"

2. "A Life of Possibilities"

3. "The Face of the Earth"

4. "Sentimental Man"

5. "You Are Invited"

6. "Bra"

7. "What Do You Want Me to Say"

8. "Pay for the Piano"

9. "Memory Machine"

10. "Time Bomb"

11. "If I Don't Write"

12. "Following Through"

13. "The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich"

14. "Do the Standing Still"

15. "Girl O'Clock"

16. "The City"

17. "I Love a Magician"

18. "OK Joke's Over"

19. "Ellen and Ben"

20. "Gyroscope"

21. "The Ice of Boston"

22. "That's When the Party Started"

23. "Back and Forth"