Dismantled Breed to Death

For an EP, this is one long disc — over 50 minutes of music that feels like 3000. Despite offering ten tracks, the selection here is limited with four versions of "The Swarm” and three takes on "Breed to Death” dominating this release. While names like :Wumpscut: and Psychlon Nine are dropped in the remix credits, don’t expect much from their efforts. The mixes here are redundant takes on the originals and are neither creative nor enjoyable. Zon’s labours also involve an attempt to cover Paula Abdul’s "Straight Up,” which is neither a great new way to perform an old "classic,” nor stands as a clever presentation of irony. The vocals are lame and the adaptation of the song itself is annoying. The few original tracks here manage to hit their mark however, including the erotically catchy pop song, "War Dream,” and the retro dance feel behind the original take of "The Swarm” (aptly sub-titled the "Easy to Swallow Version”). Still, with the few decent tracks overshadowed by so much filler, Dismantled’s Breed to Death EP is a testament to the value of downloading MP3’s. (Metropolis)