Disclosure Respond to Azealia Banks Diss

Disclosure Respond to Azealia Banks Diss
UK dance duo Disclosure were dressed down by Azealia Banks earlier this week when she announced their collaboration was being scrapped after Disclosure were "rude" in an interview. The pair have now responded to the diss with a big "whatever."

Speaking on Australia's Triple J Radio [via NME], Disclosure's Howard Lawrence mocked the situation, noting, "We're actually terrible, terrible people."

Guy Lawrence weighed in further, again saying that the track hadn't been worked on very much before Banks took to Twitter to announce it.

"We just wrote the first verse and a build-up — there wasn't a chorus — and she kind of took it away," he said. "Then she thought we were rude in that interview, but we apologized and everything. It didn't seem to matter that we apologize... We made the beat on the way there in the car, so I don't give a damn if she uses it. Whatever."

He added: "Maybe when I said [in the interview] that she's 'taken to it quite heavily,' it came across as rude — but what I meant was that whenever we've worked with anyone in the past, we just keep it secret.... Because if nothing comes of the session, nobody's disappointed. But if you build all the hype before, then you have to deliver an amazing song."

Banks's beef with the band stems from their initial downplaying of the song, with Lawrence previously saying, "We don't have a song with her yet. We've met her once.... I think she's kind of taken to Twitter quite heavily with the fact that she's meeting with us. And people now think that we've made the greatest song of all time, and it doesn't even actually have a chorus yet."

In less dramatic news, Disclosure recently whipped up an Essentials Mix for BBC in the summer, and the two-hour set is now up for stream. You can check it out down below.