Disclosure "Voices" (ft. Sasha Keable)

Disclosure 'Voices' (ft. Sasha Keable)
Disclosure's dancefloor-dominating 2013 is getting another last-minute boost with a brightly coloured and beautifully bizarre new video clip for the duo's latest Settle single, "Voices."

Set inside what appears to be a co-ed correctional facility for dance majors, the clip features men and women in their respective powder blue and baby pink prison jumpsuits and funky burlap masks trying to one-up each other with their fluid moves. Stationed in between the rival sets is some sort of ritualistic leader figure in a elegant gown, while a guard takes a look on the proceedings from a peephole and someone in solitary flashes us with the seductive, down-there glow of a personal mirror.

That's, uh, what we got from it. You can try to sort of the specifics for yourself by giving the well-choreographed jailhouse video a look down below.