Discipline Nice Boys Finish Last

Who says that listening to extreme music has to be all spiders, snails and puppy dog tails? Why can't you turn that frown upside down? Who outlawed having a good time? Holland's Discipline may be the scariest lot you've ever laid eyes on, but they play some of the best feel good punk/oi! I've heard in years. Musically, they borrow the simplest parts from Rancid and Oi Polloi, along with the Exploited and UK Subs, in creating bouncy and infectious punk'n'roll guitar riffs and melodies with the requisite accented 4/4 drumming and ultra catchy bass lines. The vocals of Joost de Graaf are, however, a huge part of this bands' personality and charm as he possesses a monster bellow sounding equal parts Satan and drunken soccer hooligan as he (and the standard backing vocal crew) tackles such socially relevant topics as getting kicked out of pubs, how no one likes his band, all their punker friends, how Dutch society has gone to shit and "liquid courage." It may be a total musical and lyrical throwback to the days when men were drunk and bands got paid in beer, but I have to admit this was one of most entertaining 45 minutes I've spent alone in ages. (Chord/Too Damn Hype)