Discipline Nice Boys Finish Last

I find the whole NY hardcore genre tired and usually quite unbelievable, and Discipline is no exception. Musically, it's fairly melodic and not as chugga-chugga as most, almost bordering on a pop/punk sound a lot of the time. Sure, it's catchy enough, but not exciting by any means and even the energy level feels really low. Lyrically, it's hilarious. It sounds like a parody even when their singer, Joost, is trying to touch on serious issues and when he's singing about getting drunk and trying to get into fights, you just have to laugh. For a minute. Then you realise he's serious and you just get back to your day. This is for the die-hard hardcore fan that just can't get enough, but, otherwise, forget it. At least there's not too much usage of the Olde English font. (Chord/Too Damn Hype)