Dischord Remasters and Represses Vinyl Catalogue

Dischord Remasters and Represses Vinyl Catalogue
As CDs slowly become the new 8-track, the brass over at Dischord are remastering and repressing most of their vinyl catalogue. Via the DC label's website, the announcement came earlier this week, with Ian MacKaye and company already releasing the first new batch of wax and telling us a lot more are on the way.

In the words of Dischord:

"Due to the renewed interest in vinyl LPs Dischord Records is remastering and re-cutting much of our vinyl catalog here in the United States. We will begin by re-pressing current titles, and later reissuing others, all re-cut at Chicago Mastering Service and featuring complimentary MP3 album downloads. This move will coincide with a small but long overdue price increase (from ten dollars to $11 on Dischord twelve-inch LPs and from eight to nine dollars for twelve-inch EPs) that will begin with newly pressed titles and extend to all titles in January 2009."

Obviously this is good news for those who realize Minor Threat just sounds horrible on MP3, and bad for eBayers whose Rites of Spring LPs just took a dive.

Here are the titles re-released so far:

-Minor Threat Out of Step twelve-inch EP (now on 45 rpm, new cover from original drawings, black vinyl)
- Minor Threat First two 7"s twelve-inch EP (now on 45 rpm, new yellow cover, black vinyl)
- Faith/Void Split LP (on purple vinyl)
- One Last Wish 1986 (first time on LP!)

Minor Threat "In My Eyes"