Dischord Releases Entire Catalogue As Digital Downloads

Dischord Releases Entire Catalogue As Digital Downloads
In its ongoing efforts to preserve Washington, DC’s influential independent music community, Dischord Records has announced that its entire back catalogue is now available for digital download. Offering high-quality, 320 kbps, DRM-free MP3s in its online store, the label’s progressive approach to digital music gives all the power to the user.

As well as the MP3s themselves, the label is offering a unique pricing system. Rather than pay money for individual tracks, users buy 15 "credits” for ten dollars, or receive a free album download with the purcase of a 12-inch vinyl record.

A statement on the site reads: "We chose to use a credit system instead of selling individual songs in order to avoid the gratuitous surcharges that make credit card companies rich. We also thought a credit system would encourage people to experiment with various tracks from different artists.”

Though it’s a little more complicated than the "$7.00 postage paid from Dischord” logo perched atop Minor Threat’s Out of Step cover, the label’s modest approach to the digital marketplace is further proof of their commitment to their fan base.

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