Dischord Reissues Artificial Peace, Government Issue and Reptile House

Dischord Reissues Artificial Peace, Government Issue and Reptile House
The goodies just won't stop coming from the Dischord warehouse as the seminal Washington, DC punk label continues to treat us with reissues in 2010. It started the year off with some out-of-print releases from Hoover, Slant 6 and Ignition, soon following it up with the earliest recordings of post-hardcore savants Dag Nasty. Before closing out the year, Dischord will drop three more rarities on us.

 The first comes from early '80s hardcore group Artificial Peace, who recorded 17 songs in 1981. Three of those tracks ended up on the Flex Your Head compilation, but the rest were shelved when the band broke up and went on to form Marginal Man. Now, all 17 tracks will be released for the first time on Complete Session, Nov '81. The release will be available on CD, LP or as a digital download. The tracklisting for this album is below.

 Likewise, Government Issue's seminal album Boycott Stabb has been expanded to include 12 tracks that didn't make the original release due to lineup changes in 1982. The full 21-track set will be available as the Boycott Stabb Complete Sessions on LP and digital download, and once again the tracklisting is below.

 Finally, the label will reissue a four-song seven-inch from Baltimore, MD's Reptile House. The punk quartet existed in the mid-'80s, and released their debut seven-inch I Stumble As the Crow Flies in 1985 as a split release between Dischord and Druid Hill Records. Dischord will reissue the seven-inch on vinyl and as a digital download.

 All three releases will be available on November 18. More information can be found here.

Artificial Peace
Complete Session, Nov '81:

1. "Artificial Peace"
2. "Outside Looking In"
3. "Suburban Wasteland"
4. "M.I.A."
5. "Against The Grain"
6. "UXB"
7. "No Escape, No Excuse"
8. "Enlisted Man"
9. "Wild Thing"
10. "D.J."
11. "War Path"
12. "Neighbors"
13. "Watcher"
14. "Spook Surf"
15. "Enemy Minds"
16. "Dead End"
17. "This Means War"

Government Issue
Boycott Stabb Complete Sessions:

1. "Hall Of Fame"
2. "Hour Of One"
3. "G.I."
4. "Puppet On A String"
5. "Sheer Terror"
6. "Happy People"
7. "Lost In Limbo"
8. "Plain To See"
9. "Party Line"
10. "Here's The Rope"
11. "Insomniac"
12. "Fashionite"
13. "Religious Ripoff"
14. "Asshole"
15. "No Rights"
16. "No Way Out"
17. "Twisted Views"
18. "Snubbing"
19. "Teenager In A Box"
20. "Bored To Death"
21. "Georgetown Blues"

Reptile House
I Stumble As the Crow Flies:

1. "Keel-Haul Love"
2. "Social Champion"
3. "Mrs. Rain"
4. "Sleestak Weather"