Dischord Keeps Reissues Rolling with Teen Idles, Jawbox, Rites of Spring, Lungfish

Dischord Keeps Reissues Rolling with Teen Idles, Jawbox, Rites of Spring, Lungfish
Punk and indie fans have no doubt noticed that legendary DC imprint Dischord has been on a vinyl reissuing spree. The past few years have seen the label remastering a large portion of its back catalogue, covering a lot of ground from early hardcore heroes Minor Threat to early aughts dance punks Q and Not U to criminally under-looked outfits like Marginal Man and Scream. Unsurprisingly, Dischord has announced a new batch of reissues.

First up is the two-song "Jackpot Plus" seven-inch single from noisy post-hardcore unit Jawbox, which was their Dischord swan song back in 1993. Another title being put back into print is emo forefathers Rites of Spring's All Through a Life EP, which oddly enough was their swan song altogether. The four-song set was pressed in 1987, at which point the band were long broken up. Both singles are expected to drop in May.

The final single in this particular run of reissues is the Teen Idles' Anniversary. The punky band's Minor Disturbance single christened the label back in the early '80s, and this then-unreleased group of alternate takes and demos was issued some 16 years after the band broke up when Dischord celebrated its 100th release. The repress should hit the shelves sometime this summer.

If you were looking for something a little longer to sink your teeth into, the label has also announced a reissue of the wildly experimental Lungfish's 1999 LP The Unanimous Hour, which found the group toying again with harder-edged indie jams following a stretch of post-rock records. The record is expected to be released sometime in June or July.

Considering their track record thus far, expect even more rereleases to be announced in the near future.

Jawbox "Jackpot Plus!":

1. "Motorist"
2. "Jackpot Plus!"

Rites of Spring All Through a Life:

1. "All Through a Life"
2. "Hidden Wheel"
3. "In Silence/Words Away"
4. "Patience"

The Teen Idles Anniversary:

1. "Adventure"
2. "Teen Idols"
3. "Sneakers"
4. "Trans Am"
5. "Fiorucci Nightmare/Getting In My Way"

Lungfish The Unanimous Hour:

1. "Space Orgy"
2. "Web of Mirrors"
3. "Searchlights"
4. "Vulgar Theories"
5. "God's Will"
6. "Mated"
7. "Metatron"
8. "Sands of Time"
9. "Return to the Caves"
10. "Hallucinatorium"