The Disaster With Years Left To Go

With so much mall-punk posing going on these days, it's truly gratifying when a band that's dedicated to old school music and ideals comes along, and the Disaster is one such band. Along with the likes of Strike Anywhere and the Explosion, the Disaster are proudly flying the flag of youth crew culture that has been almost impossible to find in the latter part of the '90s. Their music is fast, ferocious and filled with rage, and the lyrics, while never taking themselves too seriously, make poignant statements about society's ills and the fucked up state of politics in the U.S. Not since the Reagan/Bush era have young Americans had such a valid reason to be so concerned about the state of their country, and not since the Reagan/Bush era has there been so much good, relevant punk music coming out of the States. Add these guys to the list of bands who deserve to have attention paid them. (Endwell)