The Disaster Black And White And Red All Over

Coming out of the decidedly un-punk city of Rochester, NY, this band will nonetheless impress you with their old-school sound. Obviously raised on a steady diet of Gorilla Biscuits and other late ’80s straightedge hardcore, they tear through 11 songs in about 20 minutes and almost leave you gasping for air. Both brevity and wit are painfully apparent here, with songs like "Let's Hear It For Heroin" and "Disappointment Is Noting Your Absence From The Obituary Section Of The Morning Paper." Well, perhaps the brevity doesn't show in their song titles, but the wit certainly does. Lyrically, they're clever and almost poetic. Musically, they take a sound that you've heard more times that you care to remember and make it sound new. This is only their second release after one seven-inch so the possibilities are endless for these guys. And if nothing becomes of them, at least we have something good by which to remember them. (Endwell)