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The Dirty SampleRaw Produce
More than three years in the making and partially funded through Kickstarter, this is a blood, sweat and tears project with a lot ultimately riding on it. If all aligns, this compilation could make the career of Calgary producer the Dirty Sample. The star attraction is "Three Sixty Five" with Roc Marciano, which was already receiving blog love even before Raw Produce dropped. Roc Marciano's delivery of his street raps is tight but effortless over the Dirty Sample's dreamy head-nodder, and definitely holds up to the hype. But it's the preceding track, "Gun in My Pocket," that is the real highlight of the album. After a slow jazz intro to the album, "Gun in My Pocket" kicks in with a funky beat full of change-ups and layers, and Toronto emcees Adam Bomb and D-Sisive demonstrate why they're two of the best in the city with some smart tough guy raps. It's the most energetic song of the album.
The album also features five (!!) Fatt Matt appearances, some solo and some collabs, as well as Moka Only, Kirby Dominant, Guilty Simpson and more. But it's the Dirty Sample's production that is the true highlight. His style is audibly refined and matured here, with beats that build and change as they progress, proving that he can produce catchy fodder for underground radio. As with most producer compilations, Raw Produce also has a handful of instrumental interludes among the guest vocals. They're good, and some of the craziest beats on the album, but they feel superfluous, as do the "raw produce" vocal tags that play at the beginning and/or end of many songs. But Raw Produce has too many highs to be spoiled so easily. (Phonographique)
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