Dirty Rainbow Death. I Was Sure of It

While the garage rock boom of the new millennium fizzled out some time ago, it’s nice to see those bands who practice it not to cash in on a trend but because they "feel” it are still amplified. New York City’s Dirty Rainbow come prepared on their debut LP with riffs ablazin’, grooves in check and the smell of Fun House, The Perfect Prescription and Exile On Main Street all over their four sweat-drenched bodies. Death. I Was Sure of It encompasses the requisite traits of the best rock’n’roll: Jim Beam-induced, drunken jams ("Feel the Same”), needle in the arm trances ("Roll It Over”) and speedball blues "Sweet Jesus Why.” The tag team vocals of Sterling DeWeese and Jeremy Schoenherr-Lachance generate a strong balance without one dominating the other. Same goes with their dual guitar interplay, which weaves and bobs in and around the well accented piano work. Death. I Was Sure of It is a well-rounded introduction to these NYC rockers, who with the stroke of a chord can both put you in a haze or a dance-induced craze. (Delicious Vinyl)