The Dirty Nil "Nicotine" (video)

The Dirty Nil"Nicotine" (video)
Having released a series of 7-inches, Hamilton, ON's the Dirty Nil are gearing up to issue an EP called Smite in January of 2014. Ahead of time, they've shared a video for the EP cut "Nicotine."

The song is a briskly catchy garage punk number along the lines of what we've come to expect from the Dirty Nil. The accompanying video is a Jerry Springer-style daytime talk show where a man discusses his troubled romantic relationship with an extradimensional alien woman. The clip includes plenty of brawling and supernatural powers.

A statement from the Dirty Nil reads, "The Dirty Nil relate to aliens because space is awesome, we wrote the mayan calendar, we're on a mission of intergalactic sonic dominance, we speak kilngon, Luke's star-shirts hail the sun gods, we mostly come at night, mostly, fuckin' space!, riding sand worms ain't easy, we wake up in random places, tommy lee jones and will smith follow us everywhere, and we want to probe you then lay our eggs in your stomach."