Dirty Beaches Preps Split Cassette with Tonstartssbandht, Shares New Track

Dirty Beaches Preps Split Cassette with Tonstartssbandht, Shares New Track
While Dirty Beaches will soon be releasing a double LP, globetrotting songwriter Alex Zhang Hungtai has also rolled out a number of recent stopgap releases, ranging from his Water Park film score to a one-sided 7-inch to a four-way split record. Next up, he will drop a split cassette with psychedelic siblings Tonstartssbandht. This latest release will be out April 17 through Spacebridge Records.

The tape, which doesn't appear to have a proper title, is being released in recognition of Dirty Beaches and Tonstartssbandht's joint Russian tour, which takes place this month.

Tonstartssbandht's half of the split contains four songs, while Dirty Beaches' side includes just two. One of Hungtai's songs features a contribution from Chinese band the Offset: Spectacles. The other, "Neon Gods & Funeral Strippers," has previously been released on that aforementioned four-way split.

See the tracklist below, and scroll past that to hear Tonstartssbandht's "Alright," plus the 10-minute "Neon Gods & Funeral Strippers."

See the two acts' joint tour dates over at Facebook.

As previously reported, Dirty Beaches' double-LP Drifters/Love Is The Devil arrives May 21 via Zoo Music. To get us a bit more pumped for the release, he's shared the new track "Landscapes in the Mist," which you can also check out below.

Split tour cassette:

A1. Tonstartssbandh - "Alright"
A2. Tonstartssbandh - "Reva Pop"
A3. Tonstartssbandh - "Wet-Ass Mornin"
A4. Tonstartssbandh - "Ligda"
B1. Dirty Beaches - "廟街 / Temple Street" (ft. the Offset: Spectacles) 
B2. Dirty Beaches - "Neon Gods & Funeral Strippers"

Neon Gods & Funeral Strippers from Alex Zhang Hungtai on Vimeo.