Dirty Beaches and Ela Orleans Team Up for Split 12-Inch

Dirty Beaches and Ela Orleans Team Up for Split 12-Inch
Rockabilly experimentalist Alex Zhang Hungtai has made a big splash in 2011 with his Dirty Beaches project, earning our Mark of Excellence with Badlands. Now, the well-travelled troubadour has unveiled his latest release: a split twelve-inch with like-minded rock'n'roll innovator Ela Orleans.

Entitled Double Feature, this record was released today (June 21) via La Station Radar/Atelier Ciseaux and Night People. Each artist contributed six songs to the disc. Scroll past the tracklists below and you can watch videos for two of those tunes: Dirty Beaches' brisk yet creepy "God Speed" and Ela Orleans's slower and dreamier "Neverend."

La Station Radar describes the release like this: "The soundtrack of a trip, headlights off, the horizon clanging against corroded car metal. And your absence in the passenger seat."

You can order a copy here.

Dirty Beaches will spend the summer promoting Badlands by touring Europe. See the dates over at MySpace. As for Ela Orleans, she is currently putting the finishing touches on a new LP, Mars Is Heaven, due out in September via La Station Radar/Atelier Ciseaux.

Thanks to Altered Zones for the tip.

Double Feature:

Ela Orleans:
1. "Tides and Shadows"
2. "Neverend"
3. "Somewhere"
4. "Vertigo"
5. "In the Night"
6. "I Know"

Dirty Beaches:
6. "God Speed"
7. "Crosses"
8. "Death Valley"
9. "Don't Let the Devil Find You"
10. "L Train"
11. "A Train"

ELA ORLEANS "Neverend" from la station radar on Vimeo.

DIRTY BEACHES "God Speed" from la station radar on Vimeo.