Dirty Beaches Details 'Drifters'/'Love Is the Devil' Double Album

Dirty Beaches Details 'Drifters'/'Love Is the Devil' Double Album
Dirty Beaches (aka dark pop player Alex Zhang Hungtai) has slowly been doling out the info for his Drifters and Love Is the Devil LPs, most recently offering up a stream of the latter's title track. Now, he's given us the full details for the sets, which will both be delivered on May 21 through Zoo Music.

The albums will be presented as one double-LP set, as well as on a single CD. According to a press release, the records were recorded between Montreal and Berlin in the winter of 2012, and they both chronicle the last two years of Hungtai's life, which were apparently full of "heartbreak, rebirth and masochistic existential self reflection."

Thematically, Drifters is said to home in on a night-life angle and the "bright neon temptations dwelling in hedonistic irresponsible values," while the instrumental Love Is the Devil is a more inward experience about "remorse and lovelorn tragedies." Hungtai himself had tweeted that the latter album is "the most honest piece of music I've ever written."

Sound samples have yet to arrive off of Drifters, but you can check out the melancholy "Love Is the Devil" beneath both albums' tracklistings. The cover art for the double-album collection is above, and the release can be pre-ordered here.

Drifters :

1. Night Walk

2. I Dream In Neon

3. Belgrade

4. Casino Lisboa


6. Aurevoir Mon Visage

7. Mirage Hall

8. Landscapes In The Mist

Love Is the Devil:

1. Greyhound At Night

2. This Is Not My City

3. Woman

4. Love Is The Devil

5. Alone At The Danube River

6. I Don't Know How To Find My Way Back To You

7. Like The Ocean We Part

8. Berlin