Dirty Beaches "Golden Blonde" (video)

Dirty Beaches 'Golden Blonde' (video)
Later this month, Alex Zhang Hungtai will put out Badlands, his latest album under his Dirty Beaches moniker. He's been busy building hype for the release and just performed the track "Golden Blonde" for Yours Truly.

The song doesn't appear on Badlands, and it's a departure from the swampy blues dirges of the LP. Instead, we get a ghostly piano ballad, with mournful chords and deep, crooning vocals. It's heavy stuff, as the singer sips whiskey and stares forlornly at the keys for five gloomy minutes. The spell is eventually broken when a phone rings at the end of the video.

You can hear a recorded version of the track over at Fixture Records' MySpace and watch the vid below. The clip was captured at the Homstead, a bar in San Francisco, CA.

Badlands comes out on March 29 via Zoo Music.