Dirty Beaches "Elizabeth's Theme"

Dirty Beaches 'Elizabeth's Theme'
There are a lot of artists attached to Vancouver imprint Kingfisher Bluez' new 7-inch single subscription series, but one of the records people are no doubt looking forward to most is the mini-platter from once-again Montreal-based noir pop auteur Dirty Beaches (aka Alex Zhang Hungtai). While the single drops October 9, you can download one of the tracks, "Elizabeth's Theme."

The instrumental number plays to Hungtai's more romantic tendencies, opting for a combination of mellow mellotron melodies, island-bound acoustic six-string strumming, and some light and airy piano work. It's a ways off from Hungtai's loop-indebted greaser goth aesthetic, but it's compelling all the same.

Download "Elizabeth's Theme" over here.

Other artists involved in Kingfisher Bluez' singles series include Apollo Ghosts, Needles//Pins, Weed, Rose Melberg and more.