Ah, the anniversary reissue album — such an eyebrow-raising release in an artist's discography. The reissue of F10rida marks the tenth anniversary of Diplo's first official LP release with a major label. The 11 original tracks on F10rida are as good as ever, unfurling lazily with more focus on atmosphere rather than the dance floor, a direction Diplo has turned to later in his career. Tracks like "Sarah" and "Big Lost" recall similarities to UNKLE's Psyence Fiction and a time of big instrumentals.

Added to the reissue are ten additional tracks, three of which were released a decade ago (the Epistemology Suite trio) and a handful of remixes and reworks: "As I Lay Dying," a slightly beefed up, instrumental version of "Into the Sun" featuring the wondrous Martina Topley-Bird; a sped-up, brassed-out Metronomy remix of "Diplo Rhythm" (entitled "Newsflash"); and a glitchy, disappointing Eprom remix of "Big Lost."

Is a ten-year anniversary worth the reissue? For diehards maybe, but a couple remixes and the already released Epistemology Suite trio (which, granted, are great, but again, already released) doesn't really move the release into noteworthy territory. While most of the tracks are great, it's nothing listeners haven't heard before. (Big Dada)
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