Diplo "Doctor Pepper" (ft. CL, Riff Raff, OG Maco)

Diplo 'Doctor Pepper' (ft. CL, Riff Raff, OG Maco)
You know who apparently loves an ice cold glass of Dr. Pepper? Diplo. In fact, the producer is saluting Charles Alderton's near-indefinable soft drink with a sudsy swerver called, what else, "Doctor Pepper." You can drink deep on the latest effervescent Diplo exclusive now.

The track features a beat that's about as thick as a vat of high fructose corn syrup. Above the boom and bubbly synth tones, K-Pop figure CL sings about chillin' in the freezer, and bouncin' to the beat with a red cup of Dr. Pepper in her hand. A surprisingly beefy sounding Riff Raff chimes in with lines about being the rap game Tony Danza, while also shouting out Barry Bonds, Michelle Kwan, and a solid plan of telling ghost stories around a campfire. OG Maco cleans up with a few closing bars.

You can find out for yourself whether or not the carbonated club cut is fizzy or flat by giving it a stream down below.