Dip Leg The Sympathy without Love

Japanese hardcore has often been acclaimed for producing purer music than its North American counterparts, and Dip Leg is no exception. These eight tracks swerve in and around sharp corners and get deep down into droning pockets of hard noise. All lyrics are sung in Japanese, with English translations in the liner notes, not that it makes much of a difference either way because vocalist Takeshi Miyazaki’s voice is wrenched out of his throat in guttural spasms. Drummer Chiharu Nagao keeps the band tight with quick snaps and jagged tumbles, and it’s nice to see her as a female role model in the hardcore scene. The Sympathy without Love is Dip Leg’s first international release, and this is something Japanese hardcore fans should be getting their hands on it. Driven, manic, and brimming with mayhem, Dip Leg makes its North American debut an outstanding one. At once it’s arresting and uninhibited before diving into darkly melodic phases, this album will surely get this band the attention it deserves. (I've Come for your Children)