Dinosaur Jr.'s Lou Barlow and J. Mascis Are Not on Speaking Terms

Dinosaur Jr.'s Lou Barlow and J. Mascis Are Not on Speaking Terms
Today marks the arrival of Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not, the billionth guitar-shredding album from long-running indie trio Dinosaur Jr. While these dudes have managed to keep it all together since coming back from a lengthy hiatus in 2005, however, it sounds like they might be having some communication issues within the band.

Lou Barlow was famously asked to peace out from Dino by J. Mascis in 1989, though they eventually buried their hatchet and picked up the axes again in 2005. That said, the pair aren't exactly on speaking terms.

In a new interview with Bandcamp Daily, Barlow explained that they are far from best buds. "J. makes me laugh," he said. "He's incredibly dry and has a pretty harsh sense of humor that I enjoy. But we're not chatting."

That said, Barlow's reasoning for the icy relationship is even more heartbreaking — he claims he doesn't really have any chums.

"I don't really have friends in general," he said. "I never have. I didn't go to college and didn't have friends in high school. I live a very domestic life. My family is the epicenter of my life. Literally everything I do is either write songs and play music, or I'm immersed in my domestic life. I don't think I've ever said, 'Hey, I'm gonna go out tonight and hang out with the guys!' Music is the glue for my relationship with J. and 90% of the male friends I've ever had."

Fortunately, in addition to holding it down on the kit, founding drummer Emmett Jefferson "Murph" Murphy II has managed to be the glue that keeps the band together.

"It's so funny, because J. and Lou still rarely talk to each other," he said. "Once in a blue moon they'll send an email, but if we're going to practice or get together, I'm always the go-between.

"J. will text me asking, 'Do you want to see if Lou will do this?' He rarely will text Lou and vice versa. I'm happy to do it, and basically I have accepted that as my role. It's funny, because when I'm in the middle of it, it seems deadly serious. Looking back, I'm like, 'That's a total Spinal Tap moment.'"

Though it sounds somewhat dysfunctional, their wacky band relationship seems to be paying off. Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not is out today (August 5) from Jagjaguwar.