Dino Sabatini Shaman's Path

Dino SabatiniShaman's Path
Prologue looks to keep up its incredible run with its third anticipated full-length release of the year. At the helm is label luminary Dino Sabatini, whose history with the label reaches back to its inception. Sabatini's debut album not only glorifies a sound accountable for the imprint's recent surge, but also the general ideology behind its profound aesthetic. Shaman's Path takes everything you know about deep techno and moves it away from the dance floor and in front of the fire. The Berlin native's droning, meditative translation of the genre is presented in ritualistic fashion, delivered at a slow-burning pace that's equally as spellbinding as it is disorienting. The record's modest propulsion requires a reserved endurance, but faithful moments like "Trance Sate" and "Extraction" work to illuminate the narrative's climactic ascent. Shaman's Path reaffirms the power of carefully crafted essentials, but rarely has it been done with such skill and continuity throughout. (Prologue)