Dim Mak Records Releases A Porn Flick?

Dim Mak Records Releases A Porn Flick?
As the music industry scrambles to find the cure to the recession, the decline in CD sales and all of those pirates sailing the seas of the interweb, one label has come up with a sure-fire way to sell its music. No stranger to venturing outside of the box to establish its brand, Los Angeles indie label Dim Mak has chosen the fail-safe route of pornography as its latest marketing ploy. Or so it appears in a new video.

Founded by now superstar DJ Steve Aoki back in 1996, Dim Mak always seemed like the best candidate for an indie label to crossover into porn, and according to Hipster Runoff, it appears as though the label has already released its first viral video that, if you can't already guess, is totally NSFW.

The plot? Well, it appears some fan girl is such a fan of the Dim Mak roster that she breaks into the warehouse and steals some CDs from the label's stock room. A beefy "indie rocker" (wearing an official Dim Mak tee) discovers her fumbling around and furiously confronts the girl, who is hiding in the Dim Mak postered bathroom. Well, one thing leads to another and to make it up to him... well, you can guess what happens next. (If not, well, I'm sure Google can help you out...)

Nothing has been confirmed by Dim Mak as to its involvement, but someone's obviously trying to get the label's name out there in one of the most effective means possible.

Seeing as it's already come to porn, what's next for the struggling record labels looking to bail themselves out?