Dillinger Escape Plan Dillinger Escape Plan

The original Dillinger EP, released by Now or Never in '97, has now been remixed, mastered, artistically refined to Dillinger's current vision and includes three stunning live tracks, and it finally stands amongst their other genre-defying work. The six original tracks demonstrate Dillinger's sound in its formative years, where the talent and potential was evident, just not yet taken to such extremes. Tracks such as "Proceed With Caution" and "I Love Secret Agents" follow the more chaotic hardcore blueprint laid down by Deadguy and the like, eschewing the ballistic tempos and barely restrained chaos that would come to define them with Under The Running Board and Calculating Infinity. Yet hints of Dillinger's jazz preoccupations, musicianship and creative vision are evident on a track such as "Monticello," and recently departed vocalist Dimitri Minakakis was already in fine throat-destroying form. Three live tracks, "Sugar Coated Sour," "Abe The Cop" and "The Running Board," more than justify its acquisition for collectors, as they are Dillinger at their live best, impossibly executing the most technical of runs while destroying all within earshot. An essential disc to truly understand Dillinger's evolution to the apex predator of extreme music. (Now or Never)