Digits Spinoff Bad Passion Prep 'Harrison Ford' EP, Premiere New Track

Digits Spinoff Bad Passion Prep 'Harrison Ford' EP, Premiere New Track
Now that Digits mastermind Alt Altman is a production partner at the Gas Station Recording Studio on Toronto Island, he has plenty of access to the facility to work on his own music. This includes prepping an EP with his band Bad Passion.

This duo features Altman — who here goes by the pseudonym Alt Passion — along with collaborator Lesley Passion. Their Facebook page describes their genre as "slow electronic R&B."

The forthcoming EP is called Harrison Ford, and as the title implies, every song was directly inspired by a movie starring the titular actor. Check out the tracklist below. Scroll past that to stream the downtempo electronic number "Action President upon Airplane."

Altman self-produced the EP at the Gas Station this summer. Speaking to Exclaim!, he says, "The EP includes a full re-enactment of the plot of The Fugitive and a bitter space ballad from Princess Leia to Han Solo called 'For the Goddamn Dollars.' The recording process included watching a ton of Harrison Ford movies, both good and bad, as well as careful study of the scripts of the films."

The release date has yet to be confirmed, and it's currently unknown if a label will be involved.

Harrison Ford:

1. Fuck on the Moon
2. Danger Bone
3. Action President upon Airplane
4. For the Goddamn Dollars
5. The Fugitive