Digits "I'll Play for You"

Digits "I'll Play for You"
As previously announced, prolific Berlin-based Torontonian Digits has been steadily rolling out songs and chapters as part of his serialized album/story project In the City of the Dead. Now, the busy synth-junkie has rolled out the seventh song, along with its corresponding chapter.

Both the track and chapter are called "I'll Play for You." The song begins as a quiet and breathy synth-scape before transforming into a jittery, beat-heavy dance number. You can listen to the premiere at the bottom of the page, below the apocalyptic chapter.

Stay tuned for more text and music from In the City of the Dead, and catch Digits live at the Steamwhistle Brewery tomorrow (November 16). Background on the zombie-themed project, from which his set will surely borrow, can be found here.

Chapter Seven: "I'll Play for You"

J started awake to the sound of motorcycles approaching. Were they coming back? Hadn't they already taken everything of use? Maybe they weren't satisfied with leaving him badly beaten and without food. Maybe they were coming back to finish the job. It didn't much matter, he was probably going to starve anyways, and certainly couldn't travel long distances through dangerous country in his condition.

It was a different gang. The Mona Lisas. The biggest, best-organized, and most notorious gang in the City of the Dead. Why they were this far out from the centre, he didn't know.


"Yeah, there's still gas. Not much."

J had to convince them to take him - he'd starve if he stayed. He had an idea, it was a longshot.

"You ever watch John Carpenter movies?"


"The Mona Lisas are already the baddest gang in the city, true, but imagine how much better it would be if you had some dark synthpop playing while you do your thing. Listen, I used to be a musician… you have a club right, the Underground? I can play there…I can do anything else you might need a musician for, just don't leave me here. You won't regret it, I promise. I'm probably the only one left with a drum machine."

"Please take me with you. I'll play for you."