Diff'rent Strokes This Isn't It

You know the Strokes are huge when a tribute band is formed within a couple months of the band's debut album release. This Isn't It is a four-song EP recorded by the Diff'rent Strokes. No joke - or maybe it is. Their record company refuses to reveal their identities, but admit they are "members of some very cool bands." Rumours point fingers to bands such as Pulp and the Strokes themselves, but it seems rather doubtful. The four songs are all "exotic, Casio-led interpretations" and basically sound like you're riding in an elevator. Drum machines, reverbed organs, synthetic guitars and cowbells are all main features in the songs. To make sure it will be a hit, the Diff'rent Strokes also chose to cover the Strokes' four best-known tracks: "Last Nite," "Hard To Explain" (which ends perfectly with a gong), "Modern Age" and "Is This It." It's hard to say if this is vital for everyone, but it's a definite must for those who either love or hate the Strokes. (Guided Missile)