Dieterich & Barnes "Out and About"

Dieterich & Barnes 'Out and About'
As previously reported, Deerhoof's John Dieterich and Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeremy Barnes recently got together to make a record as Dieterich & Barnes. If you're itching to spin some of their The Coral Casino ahead of its mid-spring due date, they've just unveiled the freakishly danceable sounds of the record's "Out and About."

While the first couple of seconds bring to mind a didgeridoo player getting sucked out of a space shuttle, the bulk of the piece sound as if it were performed at a mathematician's cocktail party. The piece twists, glimmers and distorts via various slashing guitar sounds, tick-tocking snare beats and snappy, percussive organ textures.

You can check out the pair's "Out and About" below, while the rest of The Coral Casino lands May 6 through Living Music Dupli-cation.