Die Form ( AKT Sideprojects and Experimental Collection

Sideprojects and Experimental Collection A selection of material by Die Form, (aka Phillippe Fichot and Elain P.), which spans over a decade and had previously manifested itself in side projects under other monikers. The double CD also comes with some of the raciest liner photographs I have encountered since Patrick Pulsinger's Porno, yet more artistically rendered. Much of the musical material tends to the slower, brooding side of goth/dark floor, something the Imperial Troops of the Death Star might chill out to when they're not suppressing the Rebel Alliance. Yet other tracks tend to the more melodramatic, with somewhat dated sounds (the tracks go back to the early '90s), and other tracks have female sexual vocalisations set to brutal mechanical noises. If you take a hint from the liner art, this music might be good to soundtrack your S&M sessions to. More than goth, I would say the music of Die Form would ideally function as dark instrumental cabaret, where the listener fills in her/his own vocals while unwinding the cat o' nine tails (Metropolis)