Die Form Some Experiences With Shock

I had fun listening to this disc. The early '80s was such a fruitful time in the history of electronic music and Some Experiences... takes us through Die Form's repertoire between 1983 and 1984. It was in this grand time that we hear so much of the music that was to flavour largely underground and, to a lesser extent, pop music of the years following. One can only smile at the pre-sampler, pre-digital simplicity of it all (simplicity only insofar as the technology was concerned). It's the uncomplicatedness of the actual songs that is so charming, not to say that the songwriting or musicianship lacks any skill, things were just, well, so analog. Die Form's collection here has echoes of Skinny Puppy and Einstürzende Neubauten. It takes us back to the early days, those post-punk, pre-grunge glory days when electronic music was so pure and true. These songs are noisy but not cluttered, clang-y but not irritating and so unmistakably German. The songs in many cases sound a lot like their titles: "Damaged Corpse," "Catheterization," "Life Inside the Machines" and "Anesthesia and Disfigurement," all right here for your listening pleasure. Get back to your early electro/industrial/experimental roots with this one. (Metropolis)