Die Antwoord to Drop First North American LP in October

Die Antwoord to Drop First North American LP in October
South African hip-hoppers Die Antwoord have announced the release date for their first LP for Cherrytree/Interscope. $0$, which will be the band's official North American full-length debut, is set to drop October 12, as the countdown on the band's recently revamped site indicates. The album will bring a bit of the group's past to the increasing number of new fans they're gaining on North American shores.

The band originally released $0$ themselves as a free download on their website. But here's the catch: the release for Cherrytree/Interscope is a reworked version of the album, according to Pitchfork. This means it should please the legions of newcomers to the wild and weird world of Antwoord, as well as older fans. A track listing for the album is below.

Just how wild and weird are the group, whose "Enter the Ninja" video (check it out below) turned them into an internet sensation this year? Well, as a recent interview with Exclaim! revealed, they have plans to release five albums, five movies, then "disappear." Sounds pretty strange to us.

Speaking of strange, that's the album cover above.

The new release of $0$ follows up the 5 EP, which was released on July of this year on Interscope.


1. "In Your Face"
2. "Enter the Ninja"
3. "Wat Kyk Jy?"
4. "Evil Boy"
5. "Rich Bitch"
6. "Fish Paste"
7. "$copie"
8. "Beat Boy"
9. "She Makes Me a Killer"
10. "Doos Dronk"
11. "Hidden Track"