Diddy Uses Obama, 9/11 Rescuers and, Um, 300 to Launch Blog "Based on Positivity and Inspiration"

Diddy Uses Obama, 9/11 Rescuers and, Um, <i>300</i> to Launch Blog "Based on Positivity and Inspiration"
As the founder of Bad Boy Entertainment, Sean Combs (aka Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Diddy) is a musician, restauranteur, actor, clothing designer and movie producer. Now, the rap mogul is looking to add "inspirational blogger" to his lengthy resume.

Earlier this morning (May 4), Combs tweeted, "I have created a blog that is based on positivity and inspiration!!!! If you want to be motivated and inspired click here: www.diddyblog.com."

Although the blog doesn't share any actual text, if you follow Diddy's link, you'll find a trailer (see below) that features images of the rapper alongside footage of Obama, Muhammad Ali and 9/11 rescue missions. It comes off as more self-aggrandizing than motivational, especially when Combs says, "That's the test of a great, great champion: it's how you get up. I've been knocked out a lot, but I'm gonna get up."

For a taste of Diddy's motivational style, be sure to take a look at his Twitter. Among the messages he's already posted today are "#HELLOGOODMORNING!!!!! BE ULTRA!!!! GO AND DONT LOOK BACK! LETS MAKE #HELLOGOODMORNING A TT!!! SPREAD LOVE AND RT!!! to THE WORLD!" and "#HELLOGOODMORNING BE POSITIVE TODAY!!! HATE IS FOR SUCKAS!!! SPREAD LOVE!"

Of course, this sudden outburst of positivity is conveniently tied in with his most recent single, "Hello Good Morning." Perhaps he's disappointed that the song only reached No. 34 on the Billboard Hot 100?

Expect more inspirational messages in the coming weeks, as Diddy gears up for his new LP, Last Train to Paris, due on June 22 via Bad Boy/Interscope.

www.diddyblog.com from Diddy Blog on Vimeo.