Diarrhea Planet "Spooners"

Diarrhea Planet 'Spooners'
Thankfully slathered with six-string fuzz and not something a little filthier, Nashville pop-punk sextet Diarrhea Planet's "Spooners" is the latest freebie flung out way as part of Adult Swim's 2014 singles series. Though you can't nab the track until Monday (August 4), a stream of the song will help you get through the weekend.

A tapestry of distorted guitar chords thread thrive throughout the melodic anthem, which also features some start-stop passages and a complete clusterfuck of noise mid-track. Gruffly chanted vocals discuss themes of drugs and power and, with a struggle for the latter offering a scenario of "getting fucked up when you can't get your point across."

Try not to get toxic shock in the process, but you can stream Diarrhea Planet's fist-pumping new straight into your ears via the player down below.