Dial Records Celebrates Ten Years with 2010 Comp Featuring Pantha Du Prince, Isolee

Dial Records Celebrates Ten Years with <i>2010</i> Comp Featuring Pantha Du Prince, Isolee
Germany-based minimal electronic imprint Dial Records has now hit the ten-year mark for releasing an eclectic bunch of records from an eclectic bunch of players. To celebrate, the label has announced the release of a new 12-track compilation.

The release is called 2010, and before you get on Dial's case for being uncreative, know that the label is celebrating its 20th CD and 10th year in operation. Not so smart now, are you?

2010 is comprised of all new, previously unreleased material from label greats like Pantha Du Prince, John Roberts, Pigon, Efdemin, Rndm and Dominique, alongside long-time friend and new signee Isolee.

To cut and paste a bit from the press release, "This small label from Hamburg has climbed a high mountain. Touching on cities such as Detroit, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, and Buenos Aires, releasing music like contemporary classic, drones and glitches, ambient, guitar pop, singer-songwriter, deep house, minimal techno, and discovering artists such as Michaela Meise, Sergej Jensen, Dirk Stewen, Hanna Schwarz, Anna Möller, and Cosima von Bonin, all this fills a decade of Dial Records."

Look for 2010 when Dial Records releases it on March 30. The full tracklisting is below.


1. Phantom Ghost "My Secret Europe"

2. John Roberts "Lines"

3. Efdemin "Time"

4. Lawrence "Treacle Mine"

5. Kassian Troyer "Tourist"

6. Isolee "Black Lodge"

7. Rndm "No Beginning"

8. Christian Naujoks "New Heaven & Earth"

9. Pigon "Koto"

10. Pantha Du Prince "Fountain Drive"

11. Carsten Jost "Days Gone By"

12. Dominique "He Said"