D.F. w/ K.B.D. & J.G. 'A Chance Happening' (EP stream)

D.F. w/ K.B.D. & J.G. 'A Chance Happening' (EP stream)
No, that series of consonants listed above is not some sort of newfangled tween internet lingo. Instead, it's the abbreviated billing for a new collaborative effort between Calgary drone lord Devin Friesen (a.k.a. Bitter Fictions), Kyle Bobby Dunn and James Goddard (a.k.a. Skin Tone).

Last year, Goddard booked a show for Bitter Fictions at Montreal's Brasserie Beaubien. The show was incredibly under-attended — in fact, Dunn was the only non-performer to show up. Somewhat ironically, he ended up performing anyway as the trio ended up jamming.

"There was a piano in the bar," Friesen recalls. "Right next to the stage, even. Kind of a honky-tonk thing? I'd asked Kyle if he'd like to play it during my set, and he sat down for the last couple of pieces. Afterwards, the three of us decided to play together."

Friesen recorded the set on a TCM150 portable tape recorder, then assembled them into the three ambient pieces found on the new tape A Chance Happening. The result is a layered improv piece with an assortment of kitchen sounds and inspired drone arrangements.

Listen to A Chance Happening in full below. The release will arrive as a limited edition cassette on June 5 via Friesen's own Shaking Box label.