Dezzie Ranks More More More

Jamaican-born, Toronto-based Dezzie Ranks deftly rides the line between dancehall and reggae, between a decent chat and smooth lover’s crooning. With its best songs, this album should gather nuff listeners right away for his rough and rugged dancehall styles. More More More also features some fine guest vocals from newcomers like Sassa Fras, Camille Douglas and Novia alongside seasoned veterans like George Banton and my personal favourite Wally Richie. Ranks uses familiar rhythms selectively from people like Buju Banton (on the strong “Bubbla”) and has created his own on most of the other tracks. The tracks with Wally Richie, “Money Money Money” and “Love Somebody” are excellent in the vocal contrast between the two DJs who sound almost better together than separated — Richie’s smoothness toning down the ruff Ranks sound. It’s excellent to hear Toronto dancehall on an international label and Ranks likely provided an interesting diversion and captured audience’s notice by touring with Canadian hip-hop artists this summer — so, expect to hear more from Dezzie Ranks and watch out for his next few releases as he has learned his lessons soundly and can only improve from here. (Sifu/Page) (Sifu)