Dewey Decibel Unnecessarily Beautiful

When Homer Simpson and the other members of his barbershop quartet wanted to name their band, they wanted a name that would make you laugh the first time you heard it, yet would be less amusing every time you heard it after that. Dewey Decibel have managed to achieve exactly that. Maybe it isn’t deliberate, but there’s something annoyingly smug about Dewey Decibel. From the failed attempts at surreal humour in their press release, to the lyrics that fall flat on far too many occasions, their debut album Unnecessarily Beautiful just doesn’t come across too well. And the most frustrating thing is that there’s no denying that there is some talent on display. It just needs to be harnessed and trained rather than be allowed to run free. That might sound cruel, but until they let someone else with a better ear produce their music and listen to their friends when they tell them they aren’t funny, Dewey Decibel are never going to be able to rise above their name. (Colonial Martian)