Devon Williams Announces Debut Slumberland LP

Devon Williams Announces Debut Slumberland LP
Devon Williams is an alumnus of punk band Osker and cutesy pop outfit Lavender Diamond. Now, the poignant indie popper is gearing up for his debut full-length on Slumberland Records. On August 30, the storied label will release his new album, Euphoria.

A press release describes the 12-song collection as "a distinctive blend of power pop, orchestrated soft rock, folk rock and lush, layered jangle pop." As the follow-up to his 2008 debut, Carefree, this "homage to things romantic and rare" promises to be more "intricate and layered" than that past LP.

The album was recorded and mixed in multiple studios with producers like Jorge Elbrecht (of Violens) and Dave Carswell (the New Pornographers, Destroyer). Despite the scattered sessions, the LP promises to retain "a uniform feel."

As previously announced, Euphoria will be preceded by the single "Your Sympathy," due out on seven-inch June 28. Listen here, courtesy of Pitchfork.

Scroll past the tracklist for a live taste of the album cut "Sufferer."


1. "Revelations"
2. "Your Sympathy"
3. "Favor Tree"
4. "Dreaming"
5. "Sufferer"
6. "Tower of Thought"
7. "Right Direction"
8. "Slight Pain"
9. "All My Living Goes to You"
10. "How Is there Always Room?"
11. "Tired of Mulling"
12. "La La La La"