Devlins Waves

The Devlins return with a fourth studio album on the heels of their successful 2002 release, Consent. The Irish poppers seem set for a lucrative career having recently contributed to the hit HBO series Six Feet Under and the Jude Law and Julia Roberts blockbuster, "Closer.” The songs on Wave are undeniably pleasant, that is, they make good background music. Fans of pop rock will probably enjoy this album, and those enamoured with the band’s previous efforts will not be disappointed. The Devlin’s style is comparable to fellow Irish rockers U2, yet unlike the so-called biggest band in the world, these boys don’t chart new territory but follow a well-marked path. This is not a bad record, it’s just not very challenging. You can sing along the first time around, but is that a good thing? The Devlins may sell a lot of records, but only because popular culture thrives on all things bland and unadventurous. True, most record buyers match a common denominator of taste, however, this taste is tuned to the frequencies of MuchMusic and commercial radio. If the Devlins want to avoid being another fly in the pan, they’ll need to add some salt, or cook up something richer. (Nettwerk)