Devlins Consent

Highly acclaimed Dublin siblings the Devlins have a touch of Canada in their newest release, Consent. Released here on premiere indie Nettwerk, Consent contains two nods to the northland, "Snowbirds” and "Montreal.” The record is self-produced and recorded, a first for the band, and the fact that they took two full years to do it shows. Understated, almost sleepy pop songs are buffered gingerly with string samples and found sounds ("Static in the Flow”), keyboard atmospherics, drum programming (courtesy of Depeche Mode's Alan Friedman) and a little help from Pierre Marchand. Without falling prey to the trappings of gloss and pretentiousness, Consent cracks the code of pop music and maintains a clear honesty throughout. Songs like the thoughtful "There Is A Light” or the expansive "Wide Open” will ensure you return again and again for the Devlin's sweet nectar. And "People Still Believing,” with its underlying drum loop, ecstatic guitars and expertly wounded lyric, is the album's proud centrepiece. (Nettwerk)