Devin Townsend Readies His "Project" Debut

Devin Townsend Readies His "Project" Debut
Heavy metal's Dr. Jeckyl-ish mad scientist just crawled out of his laboratory.

And now he's Mr. Hyde.

Former Strapping Young Lad member/Steve Vai vocalist Devin Townsend has finished latest full-length effort KI, due out on May 25 via his own Heavy Devy Records. The new album marks the true debut of his current Devin Townsend Project, as opposed to the Devin Townsend Band that he's been performing with since SYL's disbandment in 2006.

"KI is the first in a series of four albums under the moniker," notes Townsend in his official statement. "Each album is essentially a different band or collection of session musicians playing my music. They were chosen based on what the theme of the album is and the vibe that the album is trying to project. The albumKI is very specific in this quartet of albums in that it controls its anger throughout, barring one song - 'Heaven Send' - and really is an exercise in having little to prove."

According to Townsend, the album is the result of post-SYL clean-up and subsequent depression. Therefore, it is far less obnoxious and bombastic as its predecessors. He has not, however, stated on how KI's successors will sound.

"I quit many bad habits in my life after SYL ended. I felt depressed, angry and unhealthy and was not satisfied with living that way for the rest of my life. I quit all drugs, alcohol and a host of other addictions that were controlling me and my world. KI is a subtle, severe album, a challenge in some ways. The point to the music is that the whisper is louder than the roar in many ways.(It) is - on the surface - quiet and unassuming. Whenever it begins to lose its temper, it stops and doesn't let go. It is avoiding that temptation, as that sort of anger is really gratifying but ultimately just leaves me unhappy."

KI tracklisting:

A Monday
Heaven Send
Ain't Never Gonna Win...
Lady Helen
Quiet Riot
Demon League