The Devil's Blood Club Sonar, Baltimore MD May 26

The Devil's BloodClub Sonar, Baltimore MD May 26
While their recent performance in Toronto with Behemoth and Watain was impressive and moving, their set at Maryland Deathfest was even further amplified. The band members performed soaked in blood, congealing droplets flying from the guitarists' and bassist's hair as they headbanged frantically. Farida's voice took on a raw, harrowing quality as she sang, her vocalizations somewhere between an aria and an invocation. The Devil's Blood were more merciful with the crowd, tormenting the audience with fewer tense passages, allowing them to writhe and rage in their own fiery, soulful energy. Their smouldering rendition of "Christ or Cocaine" closed the set, and by then, the band members were less bloodied, washed almost clean by their own sweat.