The Devil And The Sea Heart Vs. Spine

How only three people can create such a massive, overbearing and distorted album is mystifying. Preferring their sonic terror riding the line between Cursed’s low-end grunt and High On Fire’s cryptic atmosphere, the Devil and the Sea show that sometimes less is more. Thick yet scorching at the same time, each of the seven tracks that make up Heart Vs. Spine are voluminous and full but almost feel as though there’s a dark spaciousness within, so as to create a sentiment of constantly imminent danger. Never ones to run from dynamics as well, the occasional disintegration of tracks into straightforward drumbeats or subtle guitar passages accentuate the ravenous, detuned attack of the verses. Haunting and abrasive, noisy and overbearing, on Heart Vs. Spine, the Devil and the Sea prove themselves to be the Motörhead of doom-laden metal: everything louder than everyone else. (Acerbic Noise)