Detective Kalita/Rhume Tuning at the refinery/In the hills, Iron Wills

A split seven-inch that gives good value for a limited medium, with the content making the album seem longer. Side one features five brief tracks by Detective Kalita, featuring understated crooning by Andy Swan that's set to lo-fi guitar strumming on tracks "Tuning at the Refinery" and "Teddy Bear." In contrast, more full sounding production tracks like "Dolly Mixture" and "Lost Again" feature back up singers, a horn section, guitars, synth and xylophone. Detective Kalita have created a light-hearted and sweetly eccentric experimental lo-fi psych-folk production worthy of Beck. On the flip side is the more intense, hard-rocking Rhume. The first two pieces, "Colline de Binne" and "Brethren, She Will Never Lose," are short, power chord-driven pieces that are tightly constructed and seem longer because they pack so much into a short time. The final tune, "Lincoln Fields," clocks in at over two-minutes with strong narrative lyrics set to military march-style drums and guitar build-ups. (Kelp)