Detective Kalita Detective Kalita

Singer/songwriter/self-recordist Andy Swan has returned with another collection of short home-cooked goodies spanning the spectrum of his mind, from flamenco beauties to fuzzy jams. Last known as the Fling, Swan seems to enjoy veering from the spotlight and is only now bringing these works to the stage on a regular basis. Detective Kalita picks up where the Fling left off, with some more instruments and some fully-realised beauties including "Lonely Highway" and "Don't U C Me Runnin'," both of which Lou Barlow devotees will appreciate. The boundaries expand by the time "Fiery Mountain" rolls around, a gorgeous and painfully short Woody Guthrie-like folk song. The mood continues on "West Side Story," and as usual, Swan's ramblings swim in and out of clarity. Even so, it's really hard to get these great little songs out of your head. Just try. (Preppy)